delphinusdnsdthe Delphinus DNS daemon

delphinusdnsd [-dlv] [-b address] [-f file] [-I identstring] [-i interface] [-n instances] [-p port] [-s path]

delphinusdnsd is the daemon that runs Delphinus DNS.

The options are as follows:

address Adds an address that delphinusdnsd should bind(2) to. This option can be repeated multiple times to add more. May not be used in conjunction with -i.
Turn on debug mode. delphinusdnsd does not fork into the background with this. Messages are printed in the foreground.
file The configuration file to be used is found at file.
identstring Allows the operator to specify an identification string to reflect in the process listing and subsequent dddctl(8) start/stop/restart commands. This helps identifying the processes when many delphinusdnsd run in a system. May not be used in conjunction with -s.
interface The particular interface that delphinusdnsd should listen on. This option can be specified multiple times. May not be used in conjunction with -b.
Turn logging of queries on.
instances is the number of instances plus one that should be forked for delphinusdnsd. This may be good for multi-cpu/core boxes.
port Specifies the port that delphinusdnsd should listen on.
path Specifies the socket path to use with dddctl(8). May not be used in conjunction with -I.
Be more verbose in debug mode. This shows configfile parsing logic.

delphinusdnsd is an authoritative and forwarding DNS server. It can run as master or replicant. When new configfiles are written it must be restarted. For replicants that receive notifies or timeout on the refresh or retry SOA values the daemon is restarted automatically.

default delphinusdnsd config file
default replicant directory for AXFR zones
default delphinusdnsd control socket

delphinusdns.conf(5), dddctl(8)

This software was written by Peter J. Philipp ⟨⟩

January 6, 2021 OpenBSD 6.8